County Cup QF: 2002s v Broxburn Reds 6 Dec 14

Starting 11: Daniel, Jamie, Callum S, Luke, Graham, Aidan, Jack, Owen T, Shea, Lewis, Shaun. Subs: Ciaran, Adam, Nathan,

The first 10 minutes or so of the game was played back and forth between both goalmouths, however, there was little action for the Broxburn keeper and none for Daniel.

In the 12th minute Shea took the ball up the right wing before crossing a perfect ball for Owen T to header. Unfortunately for Owen T his cushioned header fell into the keepers arms. If the ball had been directed to either side of the keeper the result may have been more favourable to Owen T.

This move from Shea seemed to be the gee-up that the boys in blue needed.

A minute later, Shaun took a similar stroll to Shea, this time up the left wing.

After beating a couple of defenders Shaun passed to Aidan, just inside the left touchline. Aidan assisted Shaun on his leftwing run by simply slotting the ball through and past his and Shaun’s markers. Shaun was alert to the possibility of Aidans’ pass and took the ball in his stride, before firing a fierce right foot shot towards goal. Unfortunately, an alert defender stuck a leg out and the ball bounced out for a corner on the left.

Shea quickly took the corner after noticing Jack was free just inside the box. Jack took the ball, flicked it round a defender and sent a shot just over the keeper and the bar.

In the 15th minute, Shea, on the right, took a pass from Jack who was showing his strength in the centre. Shea then passed into the box, just on the penalty spot, where Lewis was lurking. However, just as Lewis was about to fire in a shot towards goal, a determined defender took the ball off Lewis’s toe. Lewis wasn’t going to let this setback stop him and his determination was nearly rewarded as the loose ball was gathered and passed back to Shea, who shot straight at the keeper. Again, as happened earlier to Owen T, sending the ball to either side of the keeper may have brought a higher reward.

In 20 minute, Jack combined well with Luke in the centre of their own half. Jacks’ clever interplay with Luke allowed Shaun to run up the left wing. Shaun seized on the opportunity to run at the defenders and crossed an inch perfect ball to Shea at the far post. Again, the alert stopper was strong and blocked Shea’s goal bound shot.

There was little or nothing happening in the Bathgate half of the field. This was due to the excellent marshalling of his defence by Callum S, ensuring any ball that managed to pass through Graham, Jamie or Luke, was swept back upfield.

Indeed, the only action of the game for either Bathgate keeper came in 21 minutes, when a mix-up in defence was finally cleared up field by Daniel.

The deadlock and floodgate, was broken in the 25th minute. Lewis and Shaun combined on the left, just inside their own half. Shaun took the ball up the left touchline, turned inside, just before the goal line. Then, on the corner of the 6 yard box, Shaun let fly with a terrific left foot shot. The keeper tried to smother the ball, however, the pace of the shot took it under his body and beyond a desperate defender, into the net for 1 – 0.

2 minutes later, Adam took a corner he had won after a fine run up the left. His cross to Aidan was slipped into Shea’s path and the net bulged for 2 – 0.

Shea took the ball out to the right wing in 29 minutes. His ball into the centre was picked up by Nathan who slipped the ball onto Lewis. Lewis fired a fine shot to the keepers right side and it was 3 – 0.

Shortly after this goal the first half scoring was completed. Jack, showed determination and strength, shot in from just to the left of the 18 yard box. His shot wass parried by the keeper and Shea pounced on the loose ball and stroked in for 4 – 0.

HT 4 – 0

From the kick off the ball was sent out to Adam on the wide left. Adam ran forward towards the edge of the box and struck a fierce shot come pass, which flew into the net, off a helpless defender, for 5 – 0.

Graham, Luke and Jamie worked well across the centre of their own half, allowing freedom further up the park for Shea who took their final pass upfield. Shea released Aidan, who shot towards goal. Aidan’s shot was goal bound, however, the stopper showed he was determined to keep the score to a minimum and saved well.

In the 4th minute Adam took a ball from Graham just on the penalty spot. It fell to his right foot. The expectation was Adam would switch the ball to his left. Adam may have thought he would miss a scoring opportunity if he switched feet, as he left fly with a raging right foot shot. Unfortunately, the ball was blocked and blasted to safety by a defender.

Shea combined with Adam on the left wing in the 7th minute. Adam then passed to Lewis inside the box. Lewis found himself in a similar situation to Adam a minute or 2 earlier. Lewis found the ball at his right foot. He took the same attitude as Adam and let fly with a right footer which flew into the net for 6 – 0.

Nathan showed quick thinking and alertness when he saw Adam running to him at the corner he was just about to send into the centre. Adam took the ball and dribbled past 4 defenders before sending an unstoppable left footer into the top left corner of the net for 7 – 0.

More quick thinking from Nathan at a throw in on the left allowed Shaun to flick Nathan’s throw-in to Adam. Adam then shot from around 20 yards out and the score was now 8 – 0.

As the game became more and more one sided, all the Bathgate defenders were able to move forward with confidence. In the 25th minute Graham, on the left, slid a perfect pass to Shaun, who passed on to Adam further up the left touchline. Adam ran along the goal line, then slid the ball to Shaun who slipped the ball in for 9 – 0.

In the 20th minute Shaun ran along the left, twisting and turning past several defenders before crossing the ball 20 yards across the front of the 18 yard box. The ball came down around 22 yards out at the corner of the box. As it was about to land, Nathan strode forward and volleyed past the helpless keepers’ right side for 10 – 0.

In 27 minutes, Owen T and Jack combined well on the right side of the box releasing Aidan, 10 yards out, who struck a fine shot into the right corner of the net for 11 – 0.

The final goal came in 32 minutes after strong play by Adam and Shaun on the left wing. Their fine interplay allowed Shea to tap in for 12 – 0.


A relatively easy game after the first goal was finally scored


Talking points:

Look forward to a County Cup semi final with Murieston United Reds!

Adam and Lewis both shooting with their right feet – with Lewis scoring!!

Bathgate goalies Daniel and Ciaran being virtual spectators on a freezing morning, well done boys!!!

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