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2002s League: Polbeth v Bathgate; back to winning ways.


Starting 11:Ciaran, Jamie, Callum S, Graham, Adam, Nathan, Aidan, Jack, Owen S, Shea and Lewis.


After the disappointment of the cup defeat to Hutchie Vale, the boys were looking forward to returning to league business.

The game kicked off with sunny blue skies and the Bathgate boys on the attack.

The first five minutes was played, as usual, in the opposition half. The pressure was pumped up when Adam collected the ball in left midfield. Brushing aside 3 challenges, Adam cut into towards goal. Then from 12 yds out unleashed his lethal left foot and the ball rifled past the keeper into the opposite side of the net, 0 – 1.

In 7 minutes, Shea took the ball from the left wing and cut in to the centre of the field. Heading towards goal, Shea was fouled around 20 yds out. Adam strode forward and placed the ball just to the left of centre of the box. After his usual assessment of the options, Adam ran forward and struck the ball cleanly at goal. However, it just sailed over the bar and the Polbeth keeper sighed with relief.

In 12 minutes, some slack play from Bathgate allowed Polbeth their first attacking move. However, Callum S and Graham combined well to ensure the danger down the left was swept up.

Aidan and Jack, who both work tirelessly in midfield, combined to release Lewis down the right. Lewis saw a gap in the midfield and swept the ball out to Nathan on the wide right. Nathan then showed some smart footwork, taking on three defenders as he cut in towards the box. The Polbeth defenders were left standing as Nathan let loose a terrific shot for 0 – 2 in 15 minutes.

Two minutes later, Adam showed his strength again, drifting past 4 defenders and striking a fine left footer for 0 – 3.

Owen S was looking hungry for a goal and he took on a defender in 18 minutes. However, a strong block from another defender sent the ball out for a corner on the left.

Shea took another of his mazy runs through the midfield in 20 minutes. Steadying himself, Shea let fly with a tremendous shot which the keeper held well.

Any Polbeth attacks were being stopped easily by the Bathgate defence, with Jamie, Callum S, Graham and Adam all on top of anything coming their way.

The game had a familiar pattern, with Bathgate basically parked in the Polbeth half of the field. Their relentless pressure brought a further goal from an Adam corner in 30 minutes.

Lewis gathered the ball 5 yds out and showed some confidence by rolling the ball past the keeper while under some strong pressure from two defenders.

The 34th minute brought the final goal of the first half. Nathan strongly ran 40 yds through from the right side into the box. Nathan then passed to Jack, to Aidan and the ball spun loose some 6 yds from the goal line.

The ball was at waist height when Daniel, the stopper turned striker for the day, left fly with a lethal left foot volley. The Polbeth keeper managed to put a hand on the ball, however, he couldn’t hold on and the ball was in the net for 0 – 5. A delirious Daniel turned and nearly drowned in a deluge of congratulations from his teammates.

HT: 0 – 5

Straight from the kick off, Adam ran up the left wing and cut the ball across the goalie for 0 -6.

Polbeth showed they were not going to lie down and let Bathgate have total control of the game. In the 5th minute, after another mix-up in defence, they brought out a fine save from Ciaran, who was quickly out to keep his goal intact.

A free kick in the 7th minute brought further reward. The ref awarded the kick just inside the left touchline about 30yds out. Graham, with his right foot, swung the ball in towards the back post. His perfectly flighted ball found Nathan unmarked just a yard out. An easy tap-in for 0 – 7.

Callum G was showing some fine touches in midfield and combined well with Jamie in 8 minutes. This time the Polbeth defenders showed some strength and the attack was stopped at the expense of a corner.

A minute later Callum G combined well with Owen S and Shea. The threesomes’ fine interplay allowed Owen S space to run through the centre of the defence, slotting a slick shot in to the left side for 0 – 8.

In the 20th minute a corner from Shea was cut into the centre of the park around 25yds from goal. Jack picked up the ball, slipping a fine ball to Nathan. Nathan calmly crossed to Callum G, who was ran in from the left and slotted the ball into the net for 0 – 9.

In 22 minutes, a lovely cross from Jamie on the left floated past the defence, leaving Daniel an easy tap-in. However, Daniel’s delight turned to disappointment as the ref blew for offside!

Adam had been dominating down the left and in 25 minutes he cut through the defence again. Running towards the goal line, Adam cut back a low hard pass which Shea took great delight in turning into the net for 0 -10.

Lessons haven’t been learned by the Bathgate boys, as more slack play allowed Polbeth to score a goal in 30 minutes.

Just before the final whistle, Owen picked up the ball in midfield. He ran through the defence and struck a shot off the face of the bar.

Another deserved win for Bathgate. However, the team have to listen to the coaches, concentrate for the full 70 minutes and ensure clean sheets are not beyond them!

FT: 1 – 10

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