It’s a busy time for all on the Community Club Executive as the club start one of the most important tasks the club will ever carry out, the creation of the 5 Year Development Plan. The document will define the targets and timescales for all the ambitious plans that all at the club have. It will cover all aspects of the club from finance to facilities to coaching.

A series of sub-Groups have been created that will examine their particular area and come up with targets and timelines, this will then be reported back into the Executive who will review and approve. Once all the Sub-groups have been approved a document will be produced which will be made available to all and which will ultimately will form the basis for the next 5 years.

Community Club Chairman Robert Napier said,

The Club has come a long way since the first public meeting in July 2012. We have an executive committee, structure, constitution, policies and roles and responsibilities for executive members. We now need to take the Club to the next level by finalising our 5 year development plan which will be the cornerstone of our operations. This will include individual plans on things like coaching, facilities and finance amongst others. The potential for a club in a town the size of Bathgate is huge and we aim to deliver and provide the best in all that we can.

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