Our Amateur section enjoyed a Player of the Year night Saturday past at the Glenmavis Tavern. The day had got off to a good start with our Saturday and Sunday sides playing out an entertaining challenge match at the Creamery Park. The Saturday’s edging a good match 5 goals to 3.

The drinking was more evenly matched as both sides held their joint player of the year awards later that evening.

Local comedian Shuggie Naismith provided the entertainment.

Award winners for the Saturdays were

  • Committee Player of the Year: Keiran Welsh
  • Players Player of the Year: Dougie Pettigrew
  • Top Goalscorer: Dougie Pettigrew
  • Goal of the Season: Mark Neil


And award winners for the Sundays were

  • Committee Player of the Year: Gazz Kerr
  • Players Player of the Year: Kieran Clare
  • Most Improved Player of the Year: Blair Welsh
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Jon Obi Mac Kle


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