This Sunday will see the Commonwealth Baton make an appearance in Bathgate. The club will be heavily involved in the action at Bathgate Sport’s Centre where we will be hosting a series of football drills, small sided games & the ever popular beat the goalie. These events will be open to the general public and we hope a healthy Community Club prescence will be there also. The Community Club are on from 2pm till 4:30 pm when the baton itself is expected to arrive at the park. Any coaches who are interested in helping with drills please make your availability know to James by emailing

Once the baton itself arrives the baton will do a circuit of the 3G park with the kids from the Community Club lining the route. There is then expected to be an opportunity to have photos took with the baton.

This event is expected to be very busy with the possibility that parking may be limited. From 4pm the driveway into the Sports Centre will be closed until the baton has left. No movement of cars will be allowed at this time in the car park in order to keep all pedestrians safe, this will be closely monitored by the police.

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