A Reminder

A quick reminder to those clubs who have yet to complete the audit sheets. This information is vital in order for us to complete our 5 year plan. All teams should have completed this withouth exception. If you are a team secretary and you have yet to receive the audit sheet or have any questions please email Community Club secretary James Drummond on james@bathgatethistlecfc.com

From 3rd March

Over the next few days each team within the Community Club will receive an email from the Community Club secretary containing 2 questionnaires. These are vital to completing our 5 year development plan for the Community Club and on an ongoing basis making sure that we understand the needs of our teams.

The first questionnaire will cover our current number of players and volunteers. These figures are vital in order for us to provide accurate figures in relation to current size of the club and also in being able to predict growth and requirements for the next 5 years.

The second questionnaire will be around our current and future facilities requirements. We need to understand all the locations that we currently use and the prices we are paying. We also need to try and understand what we would all like as teams in terms of training and match facilities and what we feel is affordable to teams. This is not only vital to the medium to long terms aspirations but also can be used to negotiate in the short term.

Both set of information will become central to our development plan and any subsequent discussions with funding partners.




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