The Community Club last night held an E.G.M, the results of which are outlined below. Minutes will be emailed to all team secretaries in due course.

Changes to constitution

All 3 motions were passed – Details will be in minutes

Election of Executive

The following Executive roles were filled as below

  • Chair – Alan Bishop
  • Vice Chair – James Drummond
  • Head of Football Development  – Scott Wallace
  • Treasurer – Mark Neil
  • Secretary – Lucy Barclay
  • Youth Rep – Sharon Wallace
  • Juniors Rep – Kev MacDonald
  • Amateurs Rep – Brian McAllister


Newly elected chair Alan Bishop added the following note of thanks to outgoing members

“I would like to put on record a note of thanks to our outgoing executive members. In particular to Bobby Napier and Jim Forbes.

The effort and stewardship required to get us to this position should not be underestimated and we thank them and all executive members over the past couple of years for the foundation that we now have in place that allows us to push on with the many projects that we have planned.

We hope that both will remain familiar faces to the executive and that they will bring their knowledge and talents to them.

As a Community Club in order to realise our huge potential we need to utilise the skills and experience of the wider community club including secretaries, coaches, volunteers, parents and friends.

Over the next few weeks we will bring to everyone more detail on how we will operate moving forward, details of some of the many projects we have in mind and information on how we can all participate in order to help shape and build our club.”