The club hereby gives notice that it will hold an Extraordinary General meeting on Wednesday 23rd September. This will be held at 7:pm at the Creamery Park and is open for any club member and members of the public to attend.

The reason for this E.G.M. is to ratify a new proposal by the Executive Committee to alter the structure of said committee and vote in new post-holders. Following a vote on this proposal by the Executive it will then, assuming it is agreed, be required to vote people into these positions. The proposed new structure will consist of the following positions:

Vice Chair:
Head of Football Development:
Head of Youth
Head of Juniors:
Head of Amateurs:

The above positions are available for anyone who wishes to be considered to put their name forward by 5:pm on Friday 18 September.

Anyone wishing to submit their name for any of the above positions should contact to register their interest