Youth Project Kick-off

As part of the Executive Committee’s plan to review all aspects of the Community Club, the first project formally got underway last night when the team tasked with reviewing the youth section of the club held its first meeting.

The project team, headed by Community Club vice-chairman James Drummond, will look at the structure as it currently operates and seek to build on its strengths with some new initiatives and ways of working. Speaking about the project, James had the following to say,

“The project team has not been created to undo all the good work and practices that are already in place at youth level, we hope to enhance what we have and learn from people within the club about what we can do better at youth level to make it even stronger. The youth section has really grown massively since the community club was formed and the demand from new players at all age groups continues to be significant. We intend to speak to clubs who have similar numbers to our projected growth to learn from them so we can strengthen the foundations of the club. The youth section is the biggest part of the club and its importance is underlined by being the first project that the Executive Committee wanted to get underway.

All at the club wish the project team well and we look forward to hearing of their progress over the coming months.

Anybody who wishes to discuss or contribute ideas and suggestions to the project should contact