A fantastic day to celebrate 10 years since the 2008 Scottish Junior cup win saw our current team beat the old boys 3 -1 in a very entertaining game on a warm afternoon at the Creamery.
Robbie Feeney with 2 and Aiden McKee with 1 were the current side’s scorers. Joshua McGrillen, son of Bathgate’s 2008 hero, scored for the old side. Man of the match was Andy Carlin with his usual display of amazing goalkeeping.

It was great to see that none of the 2008 side had lost their will to win and it was very heartening to see some of our own U17’s playing for our current side and looking like they could become an important part of the Junior’s future.

A huge thank you to all of the 2008 squad for playing as it was great to see them grace the park again. Massive thanks to the McGrillen family for being our guests and presenting the trophy.