July 21, 2013
Score: 2 - 2

Match Report

This game played over 3 30 mins wasn’t the best of games and most of the game was spent taking FK and throw inns. The game was scrappy from the start and it wasn’t long before a through ball for the Armadale striker gave him the opportunity to lift the ball past the thistle keeper to make it 1-0.

There were chances at ether end with both keepers keeping the game at 1-0. At the first break it was all change for thistle with 7 changes being made to the line up. It wasn’t long before sub Callum McTaggart had the ball in the net for 1-1.

The long ball challenged in the air by Scott Robertson and the dale keeper falling to Callum to slot home, both teamed continued to push for the lead with Danny Gilbert’s FK smashing the bar and a clearance off the thistle line from a corner took the teams into the break. More changes for thistle seen Callum mcgreagor come back on to set up the 2nd goal for thistle with a lovely FK floated to the back post for Beano to head home. The game continued to be scrappy with the hard ground causing problems for both teams.

Late in the game Armadale got there equaliser when Brian Mcallister conceded a corner that was fired in before a shot came off Callum mcreagor and into the net. Not much happening after that and the game ended 2-2. Hard work out for both sets if players in the heat and in the hard surface.

First 11
Gaz, mark, Rab, Callum, Dubo,
Ally, Johnny, Danny
Beano, Scott, Kieran

Gaz, CG, chink, Rab , skin
Ogi Breen Danny
Bond Scott beefy