Rangers SABC 7 v 0 Bathgate Thistle

01 November 2014 – Glasgow

Starting line up; Jake, David, Ross, Sean, Leon, Sam, Bally, Connor, Baillie, Aidan, Robbie.

Subs; Harry, James, Gareth, Scott, Lewis

Bathgate were defeated against a quality Rangers SABC side in the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup in Glasgow.  Rangers were beaten finalists in the 2013 competition, but Bathgate looked to take the match to them with a strong start.  However, Thistle were only able to sustain the upper hand for a matter of minutes before Rangers took control of the match.

Rangers moved the ball around the pitch with quick and accurate passing and had Bathgate on the ropes, scoring 5 goals in the first 26 minutes; albeit that Thistle didn’t help themselves with some defensive errors.  Rangers were breaking down Bathgate play at every opportunity, with the consequence that Thistle weren’t able to get either Connor or Robbie into the game.  The teams went in 5-0 at half time.

The Bathgate coaches got to work at half time and made some changes.  Thistle came out for the second half with a fighting spirit and we saw a more resolute Bathgate throughout the second period.  The match was a much more competitive contest but Rangers were still able to score again in the 45th and 70th minutes to close out the contest.

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