Rules of the Competition

£10 entry – half of the entry fee goes to support the club and the rest goes into the pot to be won.  All entry fees must be paid before the first week of the competition.

Each weekend, simply pick a team playing a match in the English Premier League (fixtures for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) – if your team wins, you go through; lose or draw and you’re out.

You can only pick a team to win once in a competition so be tactical about who you pick and when. The only exception to this will be if a competition spans a full round of fixtures and no teams remain – in these circumstances all teams will become available for selection again for those players still remaining in the game.

Your selection must be in 60 minutes before the first game kicks off in that weeks round of games. For example, if the first game is a Friday kick off at 8pm, your selection must be with us no later than 7pm that evening.  If your selection is not in then you will automatically be treated as having selected the highest placed team in the league still available to be selected by you.  We will issue reminders across our social media sites during the week but ultimate responsibility lies with the player to get their selected team to us in time.

If your team’s game is postponed you are automatically put through to the next round.

Last Jag Standing continues until only one person remains and wins the pot.

If there is no winner in the last week, in other words none of the remaining entrants correctly select a winning team, those who were involved in that particular week will be the only ones to then get another try the next week.  Similarly, if in the unlikely event that in any week the remaining players are all eliminated then they will be reinstated to try again the following week- all players eliminated prior to this will remain out of the game.

If everyone in the same round selects the same team, everyone will be asked to select another team. Whilst you will still not be allowed to pick any team you have previously selected, you will be allowed to pick your original pick from that week in future weeks again.

All entrants who provide an email will receive an email with the Premier League teams available to be picked each week.  In the event that you do not have a team left to be picked from that weeks available teams you will automatically go through to the next week.

Only English Premier League games are valid.

All decisions made are final.

Email address to use for entries or information is: