Bathgate Thistle Community Football Club are looking to fill the following voluntary position.

Applications should be sent to our Community Club secretary at or by filling the form at the bottom of this page.

Bathgate Thistle Community Football Club

Job Title: Soccer School Head Coach

Responsible for: Community Club Weekly Soccer School

Responsible to: Club Executive Committee

Recommended Qualifications: Minimum SFA 1.3 in the Children’s Pathway, First Aid

Skills and Attributes Required

Coaches should have the ability to:

 Motivate performers

 Communicate effectively

 Make things FUN.

 Use time efficiently and effectively

 Forward plan

 Develop an appropriate level of technical knowledge

Observe and analyse skills and make improvements

 Make use of appropriate equipment and adapt if necessary

Main Duties:

1 – Co-ordinate the coaches and coaching for weekly soccer school to ensure sufficient coaches available.

2 – To plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate the coaching programme to develop the technical skills of the young players.

3 – Provide support and advice to the assistant coaches and helpers within the coaching team.

4 – Be prepared to delegate organisational jobs which do not need your coaching skills e.g. keeping the register, equipment and venue hire.

5 – Brief all helpers, assistant coaches and players on the aims of the session and the purpose of each activity. Involve all helpers and make sure they are made aware of the value of their input.

6 – Liaise with the club executive committee and/or other BTCFC coaches to ensure that there are appropriate opportunities for participants to join existing BTCFC teams.

7 – Attend any meetings with fellow coaches, parents and children where appropriate.

8 – Identify and recruit, in line with club procedures, additional volunteers to assist in the running of the club activities e.g. parents.

9 – Be aware of and follow the procedures for recording accidents.

10 – Be aware of the club’s Child Protection policy, Health and Safety policy and

Emergency procedures and take responsibility for Health and Safety aspects during activities.

11 – Encourage and Support the formation and development of new teams consisting players who attend the soccer school.

Please complete the following form with some contact information and brief summary of skills



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